DVD Fab Platinum takes 3 hours!



Hi, I downloaded the free trial of DVD Fab and it has taken an average of 3 hours to copy a dvd to ipod. Is this normal? I really want to buy the full version as I think its really easy to use but I can’t cope with it taking 3 hours every time. Will it take this long if I just want to copy a DVD to DVD-R?

Its my first time on something like this so go easy on me eh! If it helps I have (yes I know its old!) a laptop with 6 GB of hard disk free, a Pentium 1300 MHz with 224 MB Ram.



Welcome to the forum there thwapy

I use FAB but have not used copy to ipod with it; I think your problem is with your system not the software.


Did you check to see if your burner is in the PIO or DMA mode? It should be in the DMA mode


System requirements taken from DVDFam site:

System Requirements

Windows Vista/XP/2000/98/ME
Pentium II 500 MHz
256 MB of RAM
10 GB of Free Hard Disk Space
A DVD-R(W) or DVD+R(W) Drive

You might want to try to freeup some HDD space and defrag the drive.


Welcome to the forum, as Kipper above recommended, your system is really to old for most software to operate at full function. Try the free trial and see what happens, you have nothing to lose. :iagree:


DVDFab puts demands on a system that I think yours is having trouble meeting. I have found that when my HDD has less than 10GB free, everything slows way down. And the relatively small amount of RAM on the system is forcing windows to use virtual memory just when DVDFab needs exclusive access to the HDD. Don’t shoot the messenger!:slight_smile:


Have to agree with Signals on this you have very little HD space :frowning: