DVD Fab Platinum-Stuck at 73%

I have made a number of attempts to rip a copy of the Iron Man DVD for use on my PVP. Every time I try to do it, the program gets to 73% and then stops the process. This has not happened on any other DVDs that I’ve ripped recently. Any suggestions on how to fix the problem?

Have you ripped to the hard disk or are you doing it direct from the DVD?

If direct from the DVD, try it from a full rip to the hard disk.

Not sure what you mean…I’m using the DVD to Mobile option and selected PVP from the list. The ripped file is to be saved on my hard drive and then transferred to my PVP.

Try another disc. Some discs are flawed when they are pressed. Sometimes they will even play, but not rip correctly.

This is a known issue with many of the R1 Iron Man discs… same with mine
As suggested above by GregiBoy, please rip the dvd to a folder on your hdd…in a dvd to dvd mode and not in a dvd to mobile profile.
Use any mode except clone. You have to reposition the layer break.

Then reopen Fab and convert with from the previously ripped hdd folder.
It should proceed smoothly from here.

Or as Alan suggested, exchange the disc.

There are two threads dealing with this if your interested. Just do a search for Iron Man on the Fab forum.

Thanks for the advice. I’ll give it a try.

It worked! Thanks for your advice.:clap:

Glad to hear it…:cool: