DVD Fab Platinum stopped working



I’ve been using DVD Fab Platinum edition for a few months OK, but When I started it up today, it says simply “stopped working”. I tried it again and also rebooted, but same problem persists.

I’m (unfortunately) using Vista Home Premium, but as I said, DVD Fab was fine until today.

Any suggestions?



Moved to the DVD Fab forum.


Where is this forum? The link takes me back to the DVDFab sales site, and the support/forum link there brought me to this site.

I going around in circles! Need more help.


At the bottom right hand side of any forum you will see a forum jump box click on the down arrow until you see DVDFab/DVD Region+CSS Free, highlite that and hit the go. Sorry I don’t have Vista so can’t help you there but somebody with Vista will pop in to help you