DVD Fab Platinum settings

Hello, I have the latest version of Platinum I just noticed that in settings for DVD to Mobile, only two items are included, which is Generic and PSP. It that correct or I am missing something? I am just curious because in the tutorial it has everything.

Thank you.

Hi santaprayer and welcome to cdfreaks,

Yup, you’re right…something is screwed up.
First suggestion is to download platinum again and install it from the new download.

Sorry, I meant to add…
If you saved the install file ( to your hdd, I’d recommend that you delete this prior to downloading again. You shouldn’t have to delete the program though, at least not at this time…one step at a time…:wink:

Thank you for your quick response. I did what you said above but unfortunately it is still the same - still mssing the rest.

This is darn peculiar. Is the install file that you downloaded = 6.19 MB?
I’m guessing the answer is yes.
Ok, next I’d delete the install file (assuming you saved it first and then installed) and also uninstall the program. Then, download again and install.
If still no luck, do a complete uninstall, take a look at StormJumper’s guide in his sig.

[Edit] I’m just noticing you have 20 posts and here I am welcoming you like it’s the first time…:doh: I’d like to blame my eyes, but at my age that’s probably wishful thinking…:bigsmile:

I did a complete uninstall as per StormJumper’s quide, sans the defrag ( because it takes so long). I downloaded a new file and installed. Still the same problem. Do I need to get a new license for this 4.o series? I am still a newbie inspite of my 20 posts. I am not a very technical person. I am very thankful for the people at this forum.

Hi again santa,

No, you do not need a new reg key (license). This has nothing to do with the “incomplete” program. The trial and the retail version are the same, the trial simply stops working after 30 days…the application is identical. There is no such thing as a partial or incomplete platinum application.
[…except, of course, for you.:eek:…Sorry, I know it’s not really funny].

Did you confirm the size of the install file as 6.19 MB?
Could you post a screenshot of the application as it opens?

The file size of the application is 6343KB. I could post a screen shot of the application if you could just show me how. I do not know how to do that. For now the difference between your screen shot versus mine is that under DVD to Mobile mine does not have the “ipodMpeg4”.

Re: screenshots…
Upper left of cdfreaks page > FAQ > Reading and Posting Messages > What Are Attachments?

Let’s try to take a look at how you have Fab configured…maybe inadvertantly.
Follow my screenshot below.
Do you have items in Available Options that do not populate Options To Display?
Is so, drag them over, close Fab and then re-open.
Be certain to have DVD to Mobile toggled on.

I don’t have “ipodMPEG4” as an available option. I don’t have that any where at all.

They are right, my copy doesn’t have it either, just downloaded 30 min ago.

Heres a screenshot

Ok, this is really bizarre. I just downloaded onto a slave hdd on my primary rig and onto my older rig as well. Installed both apps and both loaded properly with all options populated correctly.

I feel like I’m missing something really basic and I’m just not coming up with it.
I’m about to take the woofer for a walk…be back in less than an hour…hopefully with a recharged brain and some helpful advice.
Some of the usual gang, like signals, troy, SJ, alan, etc., should be around soon and will lend this old man a hand…

What link are you using?

Please try to post a screenshot. If you need additional help that the FAQ didn’t provide, don’t hesitate to ask.

I think you’re ok. Your screenshot blocked the view underneath, biut I can see the icons ok. Pick a dvd or file as source, choose Ipod and your hdd as the target. Now click Next then Configure

You should be all set from here.

Santa, I haven’t forgotten you…off for some fresh and darn cold air…:eek:

[QUOTE=SWB048;1935466]What link are you using?
Fengtao’s download page…if you click on the top thread here on cdf, it’ll take you there…or just go directly to:

Here’s my screen shot maineman.

FabSettings.doc (118 KB)

[quote=maineman;1935472]Fengtao’s download page…if you click on the top thread here on cdf, it’ll take you there…or just go directly to:
Fengtao is upgrading his server right now, so access to it will be limited. I will let you know when its back in service.:iagree:

IpodMPEG4 is a custom device profile that I made for my good friend maineman that incorporates his “sweet spot” settings and allows it to be installed as a “device” on the navigation bar under DVD to Mobile. It is not included in the installer. I think the iPod profile that does MPEG4 is in the “Device” drop down on the Generic configure page. Select iPod in the Device drop down, then “iPod.MPEG4” in the profile selector drop down on the right. Sorry for the confusion. The profiles are similar.

If you would like to try it, the file is attached below. Download it and change the file suffix to .xml, then copy it to the “Profiles” folder in …\Program Files\DVDFab Platinum 4. Start DVDFab and click on the Common Settings gear icon and select CustomizeUI, then choose DVD to Mobile in the upper drop down selector. Click the NEW button and select IpodMPEG4 from the available choices, and fill in any text you want in the box and choose an icon, then click OK. IpodMPEG4 should appear in the left hand window (available), just highlight it and use the right arrow button to move it to the active device list on the right.

ipodMPEG4.mpeg4.txt (948 Bytes)

I guess that solves that mystery. Thank you signals for the clarification.