Dvd fab platinum question



How do you move transcoded video to ipod?

My instructions say to drag from folder to ipod into itunes.

I am unable to drag folder to itunes.

Any help or where I can get instructions would be appreciated.

thank you


Once DVDFAB has created the output file intended for the iPod (usually a file with a .mp4 extension) the output file can be moved to a folder. You then open up iTunes and add the folder and/or file to your library as you would any file to be used on the iPod.


I appreciate your help but I was only able to move it into the itunes library but unable to move into my ipod device. It will not let me drag it to my ipod device.
Any other information would be appreciated.


I solved my problem.


Great! :slight_smile: Post how you solved it here to perhaps help someone else with the same problem.


The problem was solved when I Dragged and Dropped the movie into the Library of the Ipod. (which was told to me by Sarlacc54, Thank you for the information)

The original tutorial I have shows the drag and drop directly to the Devices of the Ipod which cannot be accomplished.

I then had to disconnect from i tunes and then re-connect into i tunes and the movie downloaded into my Devices

Really impressed with DVD Fab Platinum.


Thanks for the update. :slight_smile: I’m sure it will be useful to someone else down the road.


Glad you worked out the problem. Sometimes iPods can be a bit of a pain. :smiley: