Dvd Fab Platinum Querie

big fan of Dvd Fab Platnum
but lately i have been having problems with subtitles

at the moment i have been trying to rip ‘bruce almighty’ for my ipod…i have done it with everything apart from the main movie unchecked…all the audio and subpicture unchecked…still has substitles.went into the configure option and it said there was no subpicture selected??

am i totally stupid and have missed somethin really easy???

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thanks for any help!!!

Welcome to CDF’s

Are you using the newest?

im not sure which version it is.At the moment its the trial version…was hoping to test it before buying it…but the way its acting now…i might just have to find another programme…it was going soo well!!!

you can update the trail to newest version,they are always improving the features.please give it a try you won’t find better at any price.

This was a bug that has been corrected in version If you don’t want to change versions, you might be able to work around this by ripping the movie without subtitles in one of the DVD modes to your hard drive (try Customize), then use that folder as the Source for your iPod conversion. Haven’t tried this myself.

Don’t do that… :doh: Besides, you’d just be wasting your time, there is nothing better…Welcome to the fab forum… :flower: :smiley:

My good friend signals is correct re: the work around. It’s been a while, so I don’t recall the specific version where I first ripped to the hdd and then converted the files to mp4, but I was successful in having no subtitles when played on my Ipod. I haven’t tried this in a while, I generally keep the subtitles intact. Again as signals stated, there’s a good chance this has been corrected.

Totally agree with HDFATBOYDOC, you won’t find any better software than Fab.