DVD Fab Platinum Problem while splitting the disk


Can some one help me in this issue i tried ti split a 2.35 minutes bollywood dvd using DVD Fab Platinum , when i uncheck preserve menus on second disk it only copies half on to second disk and stops there without copying the whole movie, Please give me some tips to split the movie.


nizamuk :doh:

I anyone out there? :confused: DVDFab seams to be refusing to answer my question. :a Can anyone help? :bow:

I am trying to make a copy from (PAL) England to (NTSC) United States.

It plays back fine in my computer but when playing it back on my Sony DVD player model DVP-S550D I get an error.
“Playing of this disk is prohibited by area limits”.

I am using the latest version DVD firmware.

Source (D drive) Sony DVD RW DW-U10A Region 2

Target (E drive) Sony DVD RW DRU-710A Region 1 (BYX5 firmware)

See specifications below:

DVD title: Hotel Du Lac
Region: 2 England

DVD Region +CSS Free, Version:
DVDFab Platinum, Version:
UltraDVD, Version: 5.6

Even asking cdfreaks.com how to create a thread I do not get an answer. :frowning:


Fab products do not convert PAL to NTSC. Please search the following forum.


They have a lot of advanced users and links to free programs that will do that, but it is no easy task from what I hear unless the DVD has both modes on it or your stand alone will play both.


I’ve never tried to convert PAL to NTSC…there are multple threads, both on cdf and elsewhere (Mack’s link). My understanding is the same as Mack’s…it’s a pain to do and it’s far easier to pick up a player that will handle both…I’m told they’re easy to obtain and not too pricey.
Do a google search and you should be all set.

BTW…to start a new thread, take a look at this thread, post #48

Good luck.

Not meaning to talk about another product but since dvdfab cannot convert Pal to NTSC. Try ConvertXToDVD, it does convert and does it very well with the new version. Just a thought.

you can convert with either convertxtodvd or nero vision, but you can not keep the original dvd structure. You have to convert the main movie.