DVD Fab Platinum: Mobile Crash Issue


First post, so hang in with me.

Have used DVDFab successfully in the past, however, forced reinstall of windows (corrupt dll’s) meant i had to reinstall to the latest version.

On start-up, i click to run dvd plat with mobile option and first screen appears with the options etc, the ‘source’ bar says ‘scanning media’ (although no disc is present in the drive)

Then DVDFab crashes/freezes, i do the usual taskmanager closedown whcih takes a number of attempts, other programs then do not respond properly and i often have trouble shutting down.

I have tried dvdfab (same d/l version) on other pc running same OS. all fine.

Any ideas (im thinking possible dvd drive Lite-on DH20A1S)

Thanks in advance


Asus P5N E SLI
Corsair 6400C4 2Gb
Lite On DH20A1S
2x WD 500GB Sata 2 striped.
Win XP Pro SP2 upto date bar SP3
AVG Free