DVD Fab Platinum (Gold Mode)?



Hi there,
I just downloaded DVD Fab Platinum 2963 (3123kb) installed, tried & then bought the program through Element 5. US$ 59.95.
Received the Key & installed it.
Restarted the program.
Programs shows DVD Platinum (Gold Mode) is this correct ? as the option to compress DVD9 to one DVD seems to not be available.If I go to the Settings menus it also shows “Gold Mode” is this correct ?
or was I given the wrong key ?
or maybe I am just stupid :rolleyes:


Platinum contains both Express and Gold.

Express will shrink and burn DL discs.

Gold will NOT shrink but will split to 2 discs or burn DL

If you installed Platinum, you should have an Express and a Gold Icon on your desktop unless you choose not to creat Desktop icons. Either way both programs should be installed in program files. Make sure that you downloaded Platinum as there are separate downloads of Express & Gold, but you need the Platinum to take advanage of both programs with a Platinum Key.



"Express will shrink and burn DL discs."
OK, now I understand. Thanks a lot for replying to my post.