DVD Fab Platinum Expired


I downloaded the DVDfab Platinum free trial version & used it for less than a week. It got expired, even b4 I could avail the 30 day trial period. I realised that I made some changes to the system date b4 installation and installed DVDFab Platinum and later I changed the system date. This is creating this issue. I tried to reinstall and getting the same message that I need to buy the software. Is there any work around??

Any help would really be appreciated. :bow:


I’d suggest that you PM fengtao as he is is only one that could possibly help you with this problem. Always make sure date is correct before trying any free trials because that is part of way most track the time and changing date will not work because that was figured out quickly by those providing free trials. You might try to download Express and Gold separately to see if this is what you want, but remember to delete them and re download Platinum before purchasing because key is different.


I don’t know much about DVDFab Gold, but I will recommend DVDFab Express, as I’ve had an abundance of success with the program. You shouldn’t be disappointed with it.