DVD Fab Platinum ? about the previewer

I have started backing up all my dvds to hard disc. I have built a home theater using an onkyo receiver and I have my xbox and computer going through the receiver then the receiver going into the tv. I have enjoyed DVD Fab Platinum because I can rip my dvds to hard disc then convert them to h264 and preserve the 5.1 surround. I just started ripping a new dvd and when I preview it before converting it into avi, it doesn’t preview to the end, although it says 51 chapters which is correct. I am afraid I will not get the whole movie. When I check the folder and play it with a dvd decoder it plays the whole movie.

Should the preview screen in the lower left corner always preview the whole movie or just a portion of it?

If it does the whole movie how do I modify the video_ts folder so that dvd fab can see the whole movie?


cobalt (July 2, 2008)

* New: Added DirectShow decoder support for Preview, which means preview can work like real DVD player now. 

i am just guessing here. if dvdfab will not preview then dvdfab will not back it up.

try disable or enable pathplayer? just rip the dvd and find out? i am curious myself :slight_smile: