DVD Fab Platinum Split DVD is SLOW

I used to be able to split a DVD that DVD Platinum first coped to the hard disk in 4 minutes, Now it takes over a 1/2 hours.

Disk write sped is now a slow 3.77 MBs which is slower then copying form DVD to hard disk.

The disk is Battlestar Gallactica Seasons 2.5 disk 2. Had no problems with disk 1 and

I noticed the same thing with It took much longer.


The slow split problem will be fixed in next release.

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Great. Thank you for the info.

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Please try to see the result:


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Works great, thank you.

I’ve noticed that with the last few releases, that the copying/decrypting speed with Platinum and Gold have been considerably slower, atleast for me anyway, I don’t have the slow speed issue with DVDFab Decrypter, as it is smooth and rather quick and does an admirable job. Any help on the matter will be greatly appreciated.

Have you checked your DMA just to be sure? Personally I haven’t noticed much difference. I know with the newer types of encryption out there that it is harder to decrypt than it used to. They put more junk files in to screw up the decryption process of programs like Fab. ~ Mike