DVD Fab Platinum - DVD to Mobile


Is there a set limit on the number of dvds DVDFAB can batch convert in one go?.

I’m trying to ‘batch’ 10+ dvds overnight, but it only lets me add 5 or 6 dvds before I get a popup saying “failed to get dvd information…” and it won’t add anymore?.

There is nothing wrong with the dvd, when I close DVDFAB and add it again, it processes it without a problem (until i try adding another 5 or 6 dvds then the error message appears again).

I’m using the GENERIC option from the DVD to MOBILE section.

anyone else have this problem?


Think this would be better off in the DVD Fab section…

Hi xx3774
Wecome to the DVDFab Forum 6 is the limit at this time but Fengtao and Ting are working the this issue



Thanks for the reply [B]StormJumper[/B], thought I might be doing something wrong.
Still very good software :slight_smile: