DVD FAB Platinium 3040

I have a problem with DVD Fab Platnium 3040.When I do a custom rip with dvdshrink and I want to use DVDFab Plat. to redoit to either a disk or generic device I get a window saying it can not proceed because it dose not understand the format.But when I reinstall 3035 it will work,WHY ??? :frowning:

I got an Error 400 Message when I tried burning Superman Returns the message was as follows: task_1 failed! Error=400(39 4 1 0 3864042 3864233 3864167) any ideas???

There is a bug in 3040 that causes it to crash when reading files from HDD. I think you would get better results doing the original rip with Platinum rather than Shrink since Platinum handles all the new copy protection methods and Shrink does not.

The problem with Fab is that I can not precisely choose which part of the movie I want.You can do this with Fab but you have to guess which chapter it is you want without seeing it in it’s own view window.Now with Shrink you can SEE what you want and rip it.I wished Fab had that feature…If it dose how do you do it ???