DVD fab plat. taking almost 2 Hours to burna dvd

Hello all my name is Rob and I am new to CDfreaks
please help me

I have dell demension e310
pentium 4 2.8 gh 2 gig memory
2 dvd rw drives

philips dvd± rw dvd 8810
hp dvd writer 640c

It is taking 50 minute to read a dvd then another 50 minutes to burn the dvd
I have been using the program for almost a year now
and have love it. please give me some suggestions on how to make dvd fab return to normal burn time of 15 minutes or so start to finish

I have uninstalled and reinstalled dvdfab multiple times
us regseeker as suggested and removed dvd fab completely before reinstalling and it has made no difference.

Under “Common Settings” (the little gear-shaped button), there should be a Reset DMA button…click that. :slight_smile:

Edit: Ya beat me, never mind…Sounds like a PIO problem.

Thanks for the tip gentlemen
I tried what you suggested and then rebooted and it took it from 50 minutes down to 25 minutes read then 25 to burn
a little better but stil lneed some more advice program is still not working same as before
thanks to everyone that is reading this and helping

Did you test with only a single DVD? It’s possible you just have a bad disc.

You can also manually check the mode of your IDE devices. Just look at the properties of your IDE channels in Device Manager.