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how do i get back on the old forum. thanks

This is the same as cdfreaks which the name changed to myce. here is link to sub-

Can anyone tell me the old settings for dvdfab that StormJumper posted a whilke back. Thanks

I think this is what you are looking for.

I just installed the new version of DVDFAB However, it will copy my dvd’s but will NOT write to my disk which I have tried many different types (-R +R). What are the settings if there are any to have this write to a blank disk. Thanks,

I decided to never install version 9 unless I have to.
I don’t like the “phone home” it has mainly to check the key .

Of course like the other compitition software it needs the internet to decrypt BD,
That’s the way all of the decrypters do this now.
I don’t like that but not much I can do about it.
Except I just don’t work with BD.

I think on the compitition software the only time it “phones home” is when BD is decrypted.

IIRC you have the paid version but if you are using the free after trial version it doesn’t burn to disc.
I’ve never understood the reason for this since DVDFab uses ImgBurn anyway if you set it up that way. You can still do the burn seperately with ImgBurn . It’s just not a “one-step” process .

Hi Cholla

What version of DVDFAB are you using these days?

Hi backup44

I haven’t updated version 8 for a while .
There is a newer version 8 than I have .
My current version is .
I will download & install the newest version 8 & see how that goes.

Since this thread isn’t in the DVDFab forum I can post the other software.
Since I have AnyDVDHD & CloneDVD2 as well as the DVDFab Platinum (lifetime).
I’ve been using AnyDVDHD & CloneDVD2 instead most of the time.

I’ll test a rip & burn with it . Then let you know if there are any problems.
I will be doing the burn to a SL +RW since this is just a test.

I just downloaded version Works very good. By the way how are your settings on version 8. Thanks

[QUOTE=backup44;2702176]I just downloaded version Works very good. By the way how are your settings on version 8. Thanks[/QUOTE]
There are a lot of settings . I would be happy to share mine but I haven’t done anything special that I’m aware of.
It would take several images to show all the DVDFab settings.
So any specific setting you are asking about ?

The settings for READ,WRITE & PROTECTION. Thanks

On the Protection it depends on what I’m doing whether I check:
“Remove layer break” .