DVD Fab newbie needs help or answers!

I purchased DVD Fab last week and I love it. It is replacing three other pieces of software that I was running. I always make a copy of any movie I purchase (and only movies I personally own ) since my girls like watching movies in the car (they get the copy for the car :flower: ), and I have had so many of my DVDs ruined, and have had to replace many, and some can’t be replaced. I am not trying to do anything illigal. I just want to protect my investments. So having said that…

I have been trying to convert movies to an .MP4 format instead. I have a problem spending 14 plus dollars on downloads that could be accidentally erased. The software works great except on two newer releases, I have found that the audio is off from the video. I have tried just loading the entire movie, didn’t work.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to resolve this?

I have also had problems with three movies just not loading at all and one of those is several years old, I owned the VHS when it was released for the first time, and bought the dvd in 2000. (I did update my software on Saturday and have only tried the one movie again, still didn’t work)

Now these two situations seem to be only with one particular “brand”.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi dance. There was a post in another thread by Ting, DVDFab Co-Author, who said there was a bug in version that causes audio sync problems in some cases. He said a fix will be released in the next beta version, probably very soon. Watch the forum every day for the announcement and download link. Welcome to DVDFab.:slight_smile:


A little more info would help such as media brand, burn speed, burner & FW and so forth

You are fast Paul :slight_smile:

You must have gone for coffee:) . I am old and slow.

Well the DVD’s are produced by the Mouse.

I have discovered in the last few minutes that it very well could be my DVD RW. I have two DVDs a Nec DVD RW 2500A and a Liteon DVD ROM LTD 163 in my desktop. One of the movies that wouldn’t read did copy when I used the DVD Rom instead of the DVD RW which I use regularly.