DVD Fab & Nero 7

DVD Fab (latest version) fails to initialize a burn when nero is selected as the burning engine. I have been having problems using the VSO engine and have emailed the developers about the nero issue with no response. does nero 7 work with fab ? vso seems to be burning a lot of coasters with media that no other program has a problem with. Please help.

try changing the setings in fab to packet instead of sao. I have been using nero y since the beging, but I must burn using packet.

If you are having trouble with the VSO burning engine freezing on you try making these changes in common settings

Write Speed…4x or 8x
Write Type of DVD-R Media…SAO Writing
DVD Writable Media (DVD-5) Size…4464 (use customize in drop down )
Set Booktype to DVD-ROM…(put a check in the small box)

Have tried all of those things, setting booktype to DVD Rom using VSO gave me the most coasters, Packet writing in Nero still fails - Task_2 failed! Error = 29. it doesnt even start a burn.

That happens with the Nero engine when you burn from a folder that was previously ripped. If you rip and burn at the same time, the Nero engine will work. I keep hoping Fentago will fix this.

Thankyou! Me too, at least i know why it is doing it now. Hopefully will be fixed soon

I made all the above setting changes as well; i had been using Nero burning ROM instead of VSO burning engine don’t know if these settings are gonna help, as they were ineffective for others but we’ll ahve to see. I get the box dos prompt box with untra 7 command.exe it searches for disk for a while and then fails at 2% and bingo i have anoter sytlish modern coaster for our glass table. got quite a collection, if you want fancy coasters just use lite-scribe media, then you’re really stylin :wink:

If you are having a problem burning with Nero then I’d suggest trying Imgburn, it is free, as I use this to burn everything and rarely have problems with this, but as you are using dvd hard folder, you will have to convert it to a iso image file, which can be done with dvdfab gold/plat or dvd shrink.

with ImgBurn you can now use the build function and output to the burner, rather than having to make the ISO file first.

Tried the setting changes last night and all is well! VSO burning, write speed 4, SAO writing, DVD size 4464 sigle layer these settings fixed my fab with Nero ultra 7. I have by the way; ImageBurn the old DvdDecrypter revised version and the original Decrypter/Shrink combo as well as Any DVD/Clone DVD combo all working well. the imageburn does now make more dule layer instead of single layer copies unfortunately, most of the time inspite my setting changes. I don’t mind however more expencive media but better quality in the end result. get these programs mentioned with a bittorrent utility searching on isohunt.com. Good Luck fellow Privatiers and Buccaneers!

Basiclly… If you are using ImageBurn and want to know why dual layer/single layer is a mystery and the easyest way to make a single layer versus duel layer .iso heres the answer! Don’t choose a destination folder and you will have a single layer .ISO If you create a destination folder you are making a dual layer .ISO This so should be easyer for most people to grasp. “I say” keep it simple; jesus why didn’t they just explain it like this in the beginning. duuuuuh

Good Luck