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Noob question…I copied 4 or 5 DVDs using DVDFab with no issues. Then all of a sudden I started getting an “error while reading”. I tried re-downloading the program and still got the same error. I downloaded a newer version of DVDfab and was able to get the DVD to copy on my laptop, except now it will only play the first episode. When I click on the other episode on the menu screen, it just takes me back to the main menu. Any way to fix this?


Did you do anything other than decrypt and rip with DVDFab? In other words, did you change formats or compress the DVD while ripping?

If it was a straight rip without anything else being done, it appears to be an error in the ripping process.

I might try another decrypter/ripping program to see if this is the case. TDMore Free DVD Copy should work for this test: http://www.tdmore.com/free-dvd-copy.htm

Or you could use the free trial of AnyDVD.

What did you use for playback?


For the first 4 I used an older version of DVDFab and I just popped the disc in, chose “full disc”, picked the destination, and pressed start with no issues. Then I started getting the error on the fifth one. So I downloaded a trial version of DVDFab 9, seemed to copy with no issues, but when I open the file it goes to the main menu, but will only play the top title. My computer default plays with PowerDVD 12, but I also tried downloading VLC media player but ran into the same problem. I will check out those other programs too. Thanks!


I tried the tdmore free, but when I loaded the disc it said that it couldn’t open the disc and in order to open it I have to buy the program.


Is there a check box by each title(Episode) ?
If there is you may need to check each one.
I refuse to go to DVDFab 9 & now it is a pain if your in the US anyway.
I have some multi-episode TV series on commercial DVDs I could check with DVDFab version 8 or 8 QT . I thought I would ask the question above first.


Unfortunately there is not that option. I wish I could figure out why the version I was using stopped working. I keep getting an “Error While Reading! Please Choose What to Do?” with the options to retry, abort, or ignore. Now, no matter what disc I put in I get that error.


This is from the DVDFab FAQs on their site.

It was my thought this disc might have a “bad” spot on it.
Dirty or scratched.
The “Ignore all the reading errors automatically” may allow the disc to be copied.
Then you will need to preview it to make sure there are no artifacts . Or none so bad you can’t live with them.

What does “Error while reading! Please choose what to do? retry, abort, ignore, ignore All” mean and how to fix it ?
There should be some files on original movie disc that can’t be open or read, in this case, you can try either of the following:

  1. Clean this movie disc and your drive tray first, and then insert the disc in to see if DVDFab can read it successully;
  2. Go to the retail shop to change the disc for a new one if it is newly purchased;
  3. Open “Common Settings” window, click on “Read”, select “Ignore all the reading errors automatically”, then try again to see the result;
  4. Go to “Common Settings/Pathplayer” setting panel, deactivate pathplayer to copy this DVD again to see if this works.


All of the discs are brand new. There are 11 in the series, and 6 of them copied with no errors or issues. The 5 that won’t copy play fine on my laptop’s media player. When I copy those DVDs, it allows me to access the menu with all of the episode titles, but when I click them it just plays a little add then goes back to the main menu. The first title is the only one that will play from start to finish. I don’t know how to access the settings for DVDFab (1st time user). When the error pops up I tried clicking “Ignore all”, but that just caused the copying process to pause and remain stuck until I eject the disc.


I’m not sure what the problem is .
There is an old “guide” on complete removal of DVDFab & then a fresh install.
I’m not sure if this is still necessary.

[B]My first suggestion is rip one of the DVDs that you already successfully ripped from this series. To see if it still rips & plays correctly.[/B]

This is a guide for settings & the specific post in the link covers “Ignore all the reading errors automatically” . At least a definition & location for it.

Post #1 has how to get to the Common Settings at the bottom of the post.