DVD FAB Mobile (zune) not working on already burned dvd's. Any Ideas?

So I have been using DVDFAB w/ the mobile option to convert all my dvds to files on my hardrive so I have much more convieniant access to them. A freind of mine has a huge amount of dvd’s which are already burnt (copies of the originals). I bartered with him and got hime to let me have a large of his library amount so I could get them onto my machine and double mine. Unforutnately so far with every single one that i try it only gets about 60% thru before saying “process completed succesfully”. The movies do play fine but I only get to the 60% where it stopped for the unknown reason.

I have tested it on original dvd’s and it still works fine…

I have tried setting it to do the “two-pass” mode instead of the default/quick one pass to no avail either.

Any Ideas would be greatly appreciated…:bow: