DVD Fab mobile to X1

Hello from Berlin,
iam working already to weeks on an easy systhem to bring my dvd vob-datein on my mobile device, Smartphone Sony Ericsson Xperia X1. The best procedure is with CloneDVD mobile or Fab Dvd mobile. Clone doesn’t know the X1…i contact the support already, there have no other settings, and the problem with fab is, that the audio is not synchron…it is a sec later. I use this settings: (it is in german, sorry!)

DVD to Mobile ==> Allgemein ==> Kapitel etc auswählen ==>

Generic auswählen ==> Konvertierungseinstellungen ==>

Dort mp4/aac auswählen und die Größe auf ca. 678x382 Pixel,

Bildrate auf 25

Videorate auf 850 (das langt voll und ganz ) dann noch “einfach encoden”

und Audio auf 128…ach ja Untertitel ausschalten…los geht´s

Maybe there is an other setting to put the audio synchron. The rest is perfect. Quälity very good and it fits in the hole screen of my Xperia



There are some non English, I am not know this, which profile is your using ? and this sync problem is happened in every DVD, I think maybe if you can provide more information about this device or you can provide a sample which can be played normally by this device to me, I can create a profile and let you test it.


I think this is correct:
Generic, MP4, H264+AAC, 678x382, 25fps, video bitrate 850 kbps, audio bitratre 128 kbps.
Not sure if it means “forced only subpics” or no subpics. This is probably PAL content.

Olliex, if you can provide a sample file that plays with good audio/video sync, it should be as short as possible, just a minute or two.

Oh, i never post some files. I have only the Bond trailer, about 23Mb. It was already on the device from Sony. And the movies i put already on my device, not sync and up to 1Gb, but Please give my a little help to upload a file.
Thanks a lot

I found the link for attachment, when i open a new tread. I try to upload the Bond Trailer…dosen’t work.
There are some more setting i have the option
Videi Format:xvid Encoding Methode
…i can choose:
Fast encoding 1pass
High Quality encoding 2pass
…next is:
Fixed Bitrate or Fixed File Size
…and at least:
choose audioband:
German dolby AC-3/5.1 normal or German dts DTS/5.1 normal.
Hopefully this information helps a bit.

Is it possible to download the trailer from the sony website?
Also, please try a software player (VLC Media player) to play the files you are making with DVDFab. Tell us if the audio/video sync is OK if you play the files with VLC. VLC is free, download it here: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/

The forum does not allow uploading such large files. Probably too big for most email also. You would need to upload to the DVDFab ftp server. Better if it can be downloaded from sony ericsson.


I found two sample files on the sony UK website, I will upload them to the signals folder. One is 3gp, one is MP4.

I found two sample files on the sony UK website, I will upload them to the signals folder. One is 3gp, one is MP4.[/quote]They are very poor quality, probably not a good test.

Ok, so far…i put the file, that i did with fab, witch was not sync by playing on the pc and on the Xperia, into the vlc-player and it works great sync.
That means i need although a diffrent mobile player instead of the windows mobile player on my Xperia?
Is there no posibillity to let the movie work with WMPlayer?
But anyway, it seems that i am coming a bit further with your help.
Thanks a lot

Sony does not help by having no detailed specs for video. I am making 2 profiles for you to test. I will post them here a little later.

Try these two profiles, see if either one works with good sync. Download them to the Program Files\DVDFab 5\Profiles folder, changing the file extension from txt to xml. They will appear as available profiles (“Sony EricssonX1 TEST” and “Sony EricssonX1 TEST2”) in the profile dropdown selector on the Conversion Settings page. In addition, use these settings:

One Pass encoding
Fixed Bitrate, set slider to approx. 350 kbps
select ac-3/5.1 audio, not DTS
select 480x??? screen size
select automatic cropping (on “Crop Settings” page)

Please post your results here. I hope one will work OK, no thanks to Sony.

cellphone.3gp.mpeg4.aac.X1TEST.txt (657 Bytes)

cellphone.mp4.h264.aac.X1TEST2.txt (911 Bytes)

Thanks, Signal!!!
Finally i got it with the attached file X1TEST2.
Really…no thanks to Sony.
Thank you so much. You are the first, in severals platforms i tried before, who stay with me through the whole problem.
Take care

Glad it worked for you :). You can experiment now using higher bitrate, larger screen sizes etc. to see if some other combination of settings makes better conversions.