DVD Fab Mobile Conversion speeds for different versions

OK a strange one. I have occasionally had to convert the older WWII movies with AC3/2 undefined soundtracks using an earlier version of DVD fab, because and higher versions have not been able to convert them for my Archos 605.

The profile I use is “profile is used to create avi(xvid + mp3) file, which can be played on PC or supported device.” Fixed bitrate of 800kbs, cropping with 720x300 resolution.

I have for some time been convinced that version is faster than version and later. Here are my results using the same file and configurations for memory CPU etc…

DVD Fab version

[li]Analyze maxed out at around 162 fps after around 3 minutes[/li][li]Encode maxed out at around 129fps after 3 or so minutes[/li][li]if I disabled CUDA it maxed out at around 133 fps[/li][li]CPU usage was around 75% of CPU (so CUDA not involved)[/li][/ul]

DVD Fab version

[li]Analyze maxed out at around 205 after around 3 minutes[/li][li]Encode maxed out at around 165fps after 3 or so minutes[/li][li]No CUDA in this version[/li][li]CPU usage was around 40-60%% of CPU when encoding, more 40% than 60%[/li][li]CPU Usage was only 42% when analyzing[/li][/ul]

It seems as if is around 28% faster and puts 20-30% less load on the CPU

It’s not a problem for me, because I will simply do all my mobile conversions in from now on. However, something has changed…thought you ought to know.


Thanks for your report, I will check this.

[I]I forgot to mention:[/I]

[li]Intel Quad Core Q6600
[/li][li]NV 8800GT
[/li][li]Vista (32bit)
[/li][li]3gb RAM
[/li][li]Read from one disk, write to the other
[/li][li]Single 2gb paging file (not on system disk)

The same here.

With the older Version i get about 200-220 fps when encoding a Dvd to xvid + mp3 in two pass mode.

In its about 150fps max each pass.

Media Info told me that the encoder Settings have not changed. Dvd Fab has the same profiles for the encoders.

Maybe not the encoding speed has lowerd but the ripping on the fly speed?!

I wrote about bad conversion speed in new versions of dvdfab but autor not fix this bug yet. Thankju people that you too wrote about this, maybe now developer starting working


I do some test for this problem.

For the DVD source in harddisk, the title length is 2:05:53(181090 frames)

the output profile is “generic.avi.xvid.audiocopy.xml”

1pass mode, size=704x296, bitrate=1500kbps

by using DVDFab v5.2.5.1, using 28:05(1685 seconds),
the average fps = 107

by using DVDFab v6.0.3.5, using 30:17(1817 seconds)
the average fps = 99.6

And then, I also using “generic.avi.h264.audiocopy.xml” to test it,

this time, I only using chapter1-chapter10 as source

by using DVDFab v5.2.5.1, the average fps = 48
by using DVDFab v6.0.3.5, the average fps = 51

from the v5.2.5.1 => v6.0.3.5

  1. xvid encode, the speed is slow donw,
  2. h264 encode, the speed is not slow and have small improvement.

there are many difference from version to version, include some convert logic and multi-thread control, also about the codec update.

so from the test result, I think the problem maybe is caused by the new xvid codec, I will check it again.

my test PC:

[li]Pentium® Dual E2180
[/li][li]2G RAM
[/li][li]Read from one disk, write to the other


[QUOTE=Ting;2409344]so from the test result, I think the problem maybe is caused by the new xvid codec, I will check it again.

Possibly the reason is the CUDA implementation for H264 conversion, so your seeing an increase in speed…assuming you have a CUDA enabled card?

It might be worth checking other things apart from the CODEC in case this is related to the FPS problem (0.60, 0.43, 0.23, 0.00), where when decoding some older DVDs with AC3/2 undefined audio tracks, the FPS quickly drops to 0 and no conversion takes place. This happens whether the conversion in xvid or H264.

This problem does not happen with Version…but does with 6.022 and above…I think it might be too much of a coincidence to ignore.

Together with other little problems like the 100Hz 2/10ths of a second Buzz sometimes in the soundtracks (older AC3/2) at varying intervals.