Dvd fab keeps resetting my pc? Help



Downloaded the latest dvd fab and it keeps resetting my pc. Anyone got any ideas.

Also managed to get this message once without it resetting

“Application failed to initialze properly (0xc0000033)click ok to terminate”

If any of you clever chaps can help me out I will be very gratefull.




I did a google search and found this:




this could be a reboot due to “fatal” window error- the reboot instead of “blue screen of death”. Check system\advanced\startup and recovery settings - under system failure, “automatic restart” is probably checked (default). You can uncheck and see if the problem displays the blue screen on error, with possible indication of issue. Also a check of your event viewer, either system or application would be worth a look for possible cause.


Looked it up at MS site (bored at work, not much going on right now…lol).
To quote MS:
0xC0000033 -1073741773 DTS_E_EXPIRED
Data Transformation Services evaluation period has expired.

If no luck with Larry’s suggestion…
Perhaps your download was corrupted or bad. I would uninstall (frequently a registry cleaner helps following the uninstall, your call on that), reboot and try a new download.

If still no luck subsequent to the uninstall, reg cleaner and new install, you may want to consider a system restore.