Dvd fab is crappy software

[QUOTE=shaw5001;2152584]When I ordered DVDfab it never said I had to be a computer Guru to run the software. [/QUOTE]

Hi shaw5001,

There are all kinds of folks that burn dvds, running the spectrum of technical knowledge, from expert to noob. When everything behaves and predicted outcomes are realized…that’s great. However, often things go amiss. Ripping and burning dvds is a very complicated process and a great many things can and do go wrong.

We’re happy to try and help, but we’re all just members here, just like you;
certainly not paid consultants. Moreover, we only know what you tell us and you’re there and we’re everywhere else.

First off, please post a burn log as suggested previously.
This will give us a great deal of info and save the back and forth banter…for who knows how long.

The default location is:
[B]C:\Documents and Settings[I]Administrator Name[/I]\My Documents\DVDFab\Log[/B]

Simply copy and paste the log right here. There are guides on this site to help you and if you’re stuck, google can tell you how to configure and launch a cruise missile.

We need specifics to help.
The devil’s in the details…:wink:

all i use is dvdfab all the time and i have the other program and i am not a computer guru this program is so easy to use, i have platinum and use image burn with it also :clap:

DVDFab is fine the user could be the problem.

This thread is closed, do not start another, some of you guys should know better than even to respond to a thread like this.:cop: