DVD Fab installer => Key logger spyware?




Pest Patrol detects DVD Fab install programs (Gold and Decrypter) as a Key Logger spyware (Author: Pro-exe :sad:

How come ?

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This may be a false positive. Fengtao has said many times in the forum that DVDFab contains no spyware. It produces log files, will check for new versions (defeatable) and the VSO engine reports to their burn success database. None of my spyware stuff flags Fab.:confused: /EDIT/ or its installer EXEs.


If this installer or program had any spyware I would know, I use Kapersky Internet Security Suite,updated every 10 mins, it picks up everything. This is a false positive if I have ever seen one.:iagree:


Hi robrub,

It’s a false warning, you can just ignore it.

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Many AV programs give a lot of false reports.



Would that include my Ad-Aware SE ? I mean everytime I run a scan, which is everyday, I pick one from here up. Now, when I run my Avast or AVG there’s never anything. So I’m guessing that’s what you mean by a false positive ? Thanks Mack. ~ Mike


Hmmmmmmmm I run Ad-Aware SE, Spybot, Windows Defender and I have never got a key logger report from DVDFAB myself



It is NOT DVDFab that triggers the allert but the DVD Fab [U]INSTALLER[/U]



Yes thats what I ment just didn’t go far enough I guess


I use Trend Micro that came intergrated in System Suite 6 and have never recieved any hint of malware in the installers of all of Fab products. Malware writers try to hide their programs usind similar names as legit programs. That is why the AV requires regular updates, and they put filiters to identify the false positives before reporting them.



Hi Robby
You may be getting this message because the installer has to monitor your input so it can install where you want and if you want an icon on the desktop, you know that kind of stuff so there is nothing to worry about


Well, I wasn’t worried at all. Just wanted to pass the info and understand why the false trigger. Your explanation was what I had guessed too.

I can’t see the reason to put a spyware in a software you [I][B]sell[/B][/I] and in an installer that will run once…



As an additional fyi, DVDFab Platinum triggers an alert in my ThreatFire protection. Threatfire says that DVDFab Platinum (my paid version) is logging keystrokes.

I was not installing the DVDFab software at the time, but the software was running.

False positives like this undermine the utility of the AV/Spyware.


It depends what anti-virus product you use. For good products like Kaspersky, there isn’t such false warnings.


[quote=fengtao;1989633]It depends what anti-virus product you use. For good products like Kaspersky, there isn’t such false warnings.[/quote]Spot on! I have no problems with false positives with my antivirus, firewall, spyware or adware monitors. DVDFab Platinum works flawlessly.