This may not be a proper question to ask or the proper place to ask if so I am sorry. Does anybody know if DVD Fab gold can be purchased anywhere else at a cheaper price? I really like the sofware and would love to buy it. I am on a really tight buget…
Thanks Guys :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hello phoneboy2
Sorry the price is set by fengtao and can’t be changed by no one but him, and if you do by chance find it cheaper on another web site you may get ripped off like other members have found out the hard way.
Sorry for the bad news :sad:

Just to add one more voice to SJ’s
[B]Don’t do it[/B]! The regkey will be illegitimate, ultimately you’ll get burned.
I realize your budget’s pretty thin right now and I don’t wish to lecture, but $39.95 is dirt cheap for software as good as this, combined with lifetime ownership and upgrades. A purchase from an unauthorized 3rd party not only would be unethical, but Fengtao and his team have to make a living too. Overall it’s a darn reasonable price.

You’re probably already using DVDFab Decrypter…it’s freeware and updated routinely. I’d keep using it and save your pennies.

Yeah, but they are illegal keys and you will have problems. You may get a lot of unwanted computer varmints too, Stay away from DVDFab.Uk and DVD95COPY. Watch out for ads on some legit freeware sites because they need money to support the site and usually use a free web hosting service that relies on advertising funds to provide the free hosting service. These hosting usually do not have a choice of the ads because a 3rd party handles that based on category the site fits. Save up and watch for specials at legit affiliates until you can afford to purchase to save you some hassles and disappointments later. Search this thread and read about those who go ripped off trying to save a little money. Also email fengtao and ask id a site is a legit affiliate he will be truthful if it is an affiliate. Why not support a legit affiliate that you are using now, yes CDFreaks is a legit affiliate and provide the world’s greatest support forum. Too many people try to take advantage of fengtao’s free fully functioning 30 day trials to sell his SW illegally. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is false.


Thanks for the help guys