DVD FAB: Gold or Express Mode?



What is the difference? I have express mode and Gold mode installed on my computer. Which should I be using?



If it is the ‘paid for version’ - then gold is your choice (it replaced express over a year ago)-eh!!


[QUOTE=JStevenson;1995124]What is the difference? I have express mode and Gold mode installed on my computer. Which should I be using?[/QUOTE]

Please post the versions that you have…otherwise this can get pretty confusing.

Express and Gold were available in Fab 2.xxx, and are defunct (for more than a year now), as in no longer developed and long since obsolete with respect to newer copy protections. These apps were also packaged together and called platinum 2.xxx.

With the release of Fab 3.xxx and Fab 4.xxx, there are 2 retail applications, Gold and Platinum. For product descriptions and comparisons , take a look here:

The regkey(s) for the old apps will not work for the current apps.
Do you have a legitimate key for either?
If so, you can email Fengtao and he’ll send you a new regkey for the current application at no charge.


I downloaded it off limewire and it says its 2.70. Does that meen its worthless? So should I use my uninstaller and take it off my computer and redownload it and get the key from that guy?

Also, is DVD Shrink 3.2 obsolete now? I cant get new releases to burn anymore. Is this DVD fab the newest and best program to use?


[B]@JStevenson:[/B] I’m afraid this discussion will go no further unless you propose to get these applications by legitimate means. That’s by purchasing an authentic key from the author’s site.

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That’s a very old version of Fab. Anything downloaded off of limewire is pirated and not a payed for version. Your better off downloading the DVDFab HD Decrypter and using that than what you have. It’s a free version and a very good ripper.


Thanks ALOT for that site, that really helps cause DVD shrink doesnt burn new releases anymore.


Could you post me a link to DVDFab HD Decrypter, I tried to go to the site but couldnt find one that was only a free trial. I went to download.com and looked for it. I can only find the DVD Fab software that you have to pay for or get as a free trial.


http://www.dvdfab.com/free.htm I hope you took post #5 seriously.:cop: