Dvd Fab Gold Not Working Properly



Hi there.
I’m new to this site, so i hope i’m in the right section. I have had DVD FAB GOLD for about 6 months and it has been working fine. Until now that is. I only copy the main movie, no need for the extra bits. This has worked for me everytime i use the program. It copies the files and then it spits the disk out, asking me to insert a blank one to write the files to.

No problems doing it like that. Tried to copy a movie a couple of days ago and no go…Tried everything from copying main movie, to copy full disc etc and it only copies the files to my computer ( doesn’t spit disc out and ask for a blank on to write the files to as it used to )…I’ve even uninstalled it and reinstalled it to see if it could fix it, but no luck there.

Not sure what is going on. I am sure i haven’t changed anything on it. I don’t, i just put the disks in and choose main movie,then press go, the it burns. One thing i did want to ask as well. Can someone please tell me what is supposed to be in the boxes on the second page. Ok. I put movie in i am copying, open DVD FAB GOLD, choose copy main movie, the click next. What is supposed to be in the boxes on the following pages. Also the same info please when you choose to fully copy disc.

When you choose fully copy disc, what settings are supposed to be in the boxes on the screen ( ie, under the tick that says DVD folder or the others underneath that. ) I have a feeling something is wrong there, even though i don’t think i’ve changed anything in these settings. Hope i haven’t sounded too confusing with my explanation.

I know this is alot to ask, but i am at my whits end. It is the paid version of DVD FAB GOLD, so any help would be greatly appreciated. :smiley:

Many thanks, Angela.



I don’t use Gold much but one thing is sure: copy main movie works only if the size fits into a single layer disk. Splitting into two disks only works for full disk. The tutorial at http://www.dvdidle.com/dvd-fab-tutorial.htm is quite straitforward, yous should check there as well


Hi there
Thanks for the reply. I’m not a techincal person with computers, but the front of my computer says RW DVD+R DL. I’m assuming this is a duel layer burner. Having checked the link you send with your reply it said something about enabling dual layer burning. Do you think this could help me with my problem.
Cheers, Angela


If you buy dual layer discs and enable this option you can copy either full disk or main movie 1 to 1 without any quality loss. Just the price of DL disks is much higher so check this first.


Hi there
Thanks for your info and advice. It is greatly appreciated. Will try DL and see how i go. If not working, in the words of Arnie himelf, I’ll be back, ( for more help that is ). Many thanks for your help so far,
All the best, Angela…


Give it a shot if you like but I am afraid you will be shocked by the price. Also many people are complaining about the burn process and layer breaks… good luck anyway


Hi nedbella,

Sorry about jumping in here late and Hun…not trying to start a fight here, but gold works perfectly well in “main movie” mode splitting to two discs. (Keep in mind that gold will never compress, period). I’m not using gold much these days either, except for season discs (I’m still too cheap to use a DL at $2 each when I can use two SLs at $.26 each… :wink: ).

Here’s an example, let’s look at “Derailed”.
Open gold, click “main movie” >
Select source, click next >
Gold will analyze, now click to enable “Split to 2 DVD Disc” (left - middle of window) >
Here the default split is disc1 = 2.110 GB, disc2 = 4.162GB. This is a poor choice, so I changed it to 3.23 and 3.04, respectively.

If we had chosen “Full disc”, the default split is 4.007 GB and 3.938 GB >

From here, gold will create two folders (disc1 and disc2) and you’d burn in the usual manner.

Hope this helps.


I do not have Gold now, just tried it earlier. Fengtao may have developed the main movie function since. All I know is that the online tutorial still insists on main movie should fit on one disk - no splitting:

“Main Movie (3) when you want to copy only the main movie. DVDFab will not compress the movie now, so if you select Main Movie you have to be sure that the main movie will fit into 1 DVD. In many cases it will not, that’s why we suggest you select Wizard mode.”

In wizard mode: "If the main movie of your DVD disc is less then 4.3G, you will get “Copy main movie” enabled. "


Yeah, I just read over the tutorial and it’s pretty clear language, just as you described, so you are correct. Unfortunately, the tutorial is wrong. I actually created a bkup just the way I described above (ie., I did not use “wizard”). I’ve also noticed that in the tutorial, some of the language used is unclear, for eg., “copy movie disc fully” and “copy disc fully” as options on the same window. Oh, and btw, I just looked over the binary/decimal issue and you are absolutely right, my labels were wrong. I should have looked before now…I apologize if I offended you and thank you for catching my mistake.


That’s all right.

Should Fengtao read these posts he might update the tutorial.