DVD Fab Gold HELP!



I am using DVD Fab Gold version (didn’t work with previous version either). I cannot get any backup dvd’s to play. My player says that the disk is incapatable (I should add that I have 3 players & the all say the same thing). I am using Win XP Pro, burner is a Phillips DVD±R/RW DVD 8631 CD21. I am in the US region. When I copy, it gives me no errors. I have tried the Packet writing & SAO writing, get the same results with both. I am also using the VSO burning engine. I am using 4.7 GB DVD-R disks ( have tried different brands, Same results) I used DVD Fab Express when it was available & it worked great. I get NO response from tech support. I’m hoping someone can help me with this issue so I didn’t waste my money on this software.


Give us a little more information and maybe one of our fellow users can help you solve the problem. What burning speed did you use? Are the players standalone or did you mean the drives on your PC? Sorry you’re having trouble.:frowning:


Hi speadster
And welcome to the forum, are you able to burn a data disc :confused:
also the backup’s that you have made do they play on your computer :confused:



If you can, do me a favor if you have Nero loaded on your computer. Take the burned copy of whatever movie you copied and make a copy of it useing Nero and see if that solved your problem. I had the same problem that they would play on one of me DVD players and not on the other. And also would not play on about 5 other ones. After redoing them with Nero it played on all. Let me know.


I don’t have Nero. The players are standalone & not on my PC. I have the burning speed set to recommended. I haven’t tried it on the PC. I will give it a try…The help is greatly appreciated…


Hi speadster
I got a samsung stand-alone dvd player about 4 months back. I found i had to use dvd+r media and setup DvDFab gold in the settings to burn the copys with the opt. config “set booktype to dvd-rom” to get them to play in the player. You may need to do the same i also had DvDFab Express befor the gold and the dvd’s that i made with express played in the samsung befor i made the switch to Gold.


Glad to help. Be sure to read Freelancers post also. Some players do better with +Rs, some with -R. And set the actual burn speed to 4X; “Recommended” is almost always too fast–I’ve had that setting mindlessly try to burn really bad blanks at 16X, a sure recipe for a coaster.


I tried the backup & it works on my PC, but not my Standalone player. Also, should I be using Packet writing or SAO writing ? Also, should the I/O mode be set to Auto?


SAO Writing
AUTO yes


SAO and SPTI, if running Windows XP. Auto might work, but there could be a conflict with other programs.