DVD fab gold error 2012

Error "failed when writing dvd (2012).

Error code list says this is a failure to initialize the writing device.

I just purchased a BenQ 1655 burner. Does this one have known issues or is there another likely reason for the failure?

DVD was a backup of “Inside Man”

Using dvdfabgold

No problem specific to a 1655 that I’ve heard of…I have the same burner and it performs flawlessly with gold, express and the new Platinum 3 Beta.
Do other burn softwares work ok?
Have you checked windows device manager to see if it’s installed properly, especially with DMA enabled appropriately?

Is packet writing or SAO supposed to be used?

DMA seems to be enabled for the primary and secondary IDE channel, although it lists it as running mode 5 for the BENQ and mode 2 for my other burner…

I would stick with SAO, although I noticed the settings would switch to packet as you changed back and forth from express to gold with the more recent versions. I never had a burn problem with packet mode.

Yeah, my 1655 is ultra DMA mode 5, whereas my Litey is ultra DMA mode 2.

Does your Benq work ok outside of fab?..other burn software?

Most writers use mode 2 from what I have read. I have the BenQ 1625 and that is what it runs. Might want to uninstall driver on secondary channel and reboot letting Windows set it up.


So I just tested with Clone dvd and it works fine, although it spit the first media out and said it was bad. I will retest with dvdfab and see if the media was the problem, although I wouldnt expect an error about initializing the drive if the problem was just media.

I did reinstall the IDE drivers…nothing changed there…

Hi hifiaudio2,

I forward your problem to our burning engine vendor VSO, and they will help you soon.

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It sounds a lot like a bad media problem…

Send me the c:\dvdfab_burn.log and/or c:\dvdfabexpress_burn.log to portmac(at)vso-software.fr change (at) to @ and also include the clonedvd logs if you have them.
Include a link to this thread in your email so I know who its from.

I just sent you the logs.

For everyone else:

I did get a successful burn from both programs when I used new media. But neither work very well. The Clone dvd one pixelates and locks up in the middle of the movie, and the DVDfab one wont go past the opening screen - it just goes to a green screen and locks.

Maybe my Benq 1655 is defective.

It has firmware BCHB on it, and that isnt listed on the website. If I do try to write the current firmware from the website on it, it says it already has a newer one, so I didnt write it.