DVD FAb Gold 3.x and CopyToDvd4.x compatibility issue/CD Key issue

FYI: Because DVDFab makes use of the VSO DVD burning engine (the Patin-Couffin CD/DVD access sublayer in Windows) in order to successfully register your copy of DVDFab it must be installed FIRST.

I discovered this when I installed CopyToDVD 4 (which I am also a registered user of) on a clean installation of Windows XP SP2 with all of the updates applied first and then installed DVDFab and was not able to activate it with my key.

After removing both and restarting the PC, I installed DVDFab first and it registered successfully. I was then able to install CopyToDVD 4 again and since VSO has their registration key in the Windows Registry, both programs now work successfully.

This may have something to do with the fact that both programs try to install
the CD Access layer.

Nice catch!! :clap: This is something that Fengtao, the author, should address.

What error/s did you get when you attempted to register DVDFab, if any?

What is the exact version numbers of both CopyToDVD and DVDFab?

And are you able to reproduce the problem?

When attempting to register DVDFab, after entering the key manually (i.e. copy/paste the text code) OR after opening the key file attached to the e-mail the program would thank you for registering. The next time opening DVDFab, however, it would still default to the shareware activation screen and it had not accepted the key.

I was able to reproduce the error again as well. Seeing as how it was a fresh windows installation with all of the current security and driver updates, including updated motherboard drivers, I do not think that the OS has anything to do with the problem.

The version numbers for the two programs are: DVDFab Gold and CopyToDVD; with settings v and manager v

(CopyToDvd has multiple components since you can also install BlindWrite as an optional add-on, which allows you to (mainly) duplicate protected CD-ROM programs such as games or to create image files if you don’t want to have to load the disc in the drive to start your software.)

As I mentioned above, simply instaling DVDFab first, registering it, and THEN installing CopyToDVD worked fine.

As yet there have not been any other reports to VSO of this occuring but I will test it anyway.