DVD Fab Freez Problems


i have an Problem when im using DVD Fab Platinum oder DVD HD Decrypter. I will rip the Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer to Harddisk. Well no problem to bring it to HD. I play the Disc in Power DVD and see after each Chapter Freezes :o In the Second Test i made the same work with Slysoft Products and it works great without Freezes.
Now my PC Config : Motherboard Asus P5k-E Wifi Ap, 2 IDE DVD Burners ( Pioneer 111d and Liteon20A3H ) on JMicron JMB363 RAID as IDE, 1 Sata DVD Burner ( Samsung 203N )
When i rip the same Disc with the Sata Device the Movie has no Freezes. So im wondering because the Slysoft Products works well with the IDE Burners.
Have anyone an Idea to solve my Problems?

sorry for the lame English:bow:

Greetz Speedy