DVD Fab Fast ripping turns to slow ripping



I am backing up Disney’s Lady and the Tramp 2 for my little girl and encountering some probs. Here’s the following.

  • Using DVD Fab Platinum
  • The ripping starts at 2.8 MBS and then after 30 mins drops to 0.45 MBS and is still at 3 hours left.
  • Is there some different protection on the DVD?
  • I don’t have any problems with any other DVDs except for this one and another Disney one titled “Princess Stories”.

Any ideas?


Hi infernox,

Please try “Reset DMA” in “Settings” window to see the result.

Best Regards,


Some of the Disney flicks can be real buggers when it comes to bkups.
After resetting DMA per Fengtao’s suggestion, you may want to uncheck “Enable read-ahead cache” in “Common settings” > “Read”.
You may also consider enabling “Ignore all reading errors automatically”.

Hope this helps.


Also check for programs running in the back ground or players trying to install. Turn Auto Run off to prevent the dvd from trying to install any SW.



What exactly is the read ahead cache function and how does it cause problems? Sometimes I read to check it ,other times I read like now to uncheck it, why? I’m just curious because I have it checked on mine and I don’t have any problems. Thank’s in advance for the lesson, LOL.~ Mike


Hi Mike,

As I understand it, the read-ahead cache is the drive buffer and by utilizing the read-ahead cache, you minimize buffer underrun errors (you’re accepting the maximum amount of data). When you run into read errors (like intentional bad sectors to prevent creating bkups), I think this predisposes read errors…guessing on this part. Maybe someone with more knowledge can jump in here and help us out.

Hope this helps.


Thanks signals, that makes a whole lot of sense. So it’s a good thing when everythings right with the universe, but when it’s not, it’s one more fix you can try to get a project done ? Again, thank you signals ~ Mike


Hahahaha…don’t feel bad Mike, sometimes I’m not even sure who I am, let alone someone else. I claim it was all that aluminum cookware wayback in Boys Scouts. My wife justs laughs at me and says, “…are you sure you’re taking those meds for your dementia?..”… :bigsmile:


Uh Oh…I was a boy scout too…