Dvd fab express

hi all

i have just put new hard drive in my pc put windows xp pro on fine got all the drivers

i reinstalled dvd fab express and after the ciopy of the dvd was done the dvd stops and starts then stops alll together fab express says its completed no probs

this worked on my old harddrive and xp home no probs

i have also tried fab platinum but still the same

can anyone help please :sad:

Welcome to CD Freaks :slight_smile:

Are you saying that DVD Fab Express doesn’t work after reinstalling it? Can you explain a bit more clearly why you think it isn’t working…?


it burns the dvd fine then when you come to play it back it stops starts then stops all together

OK… transferring to the DVD Fab forum where you may get more help.

Edit: Done :wink:

Hi stueyt83,
I’m a bit confused about “DVDFab Express”. Only know “Platinum” & “Gold”. What’s about to post a burn Log? Most mistakes are seen there. Maybe, that you burn a bit to fast or using bad quality media? Is the rip running OK from HD or is your problem only if playing a DVD after burning? You get better help if you tell more details. Thank you and good luck!
EDIT: Its possible that the UDMA Mode not properly working. Please check this first. (primary and secondary IDE channel). Also possible a mistake while installing on SATA. If you don’t know, how to do this, please ask. There are very good people here on CD Freaks Forum. They can explain a lot better as me.