DVD FAB Express freezing during copying

I purchased DVD Fab Platinum about a month ago. Lately, I’ve run into problems in copying DVD disks (not retail movies, but rather DVDs of home movies, broadcast tv shows, etc. that have been recorded to blank DVDs.) I have a Dell XPS 400 computer that is new (with the standard dvd/cd recorder in it), and Windows XP Media. When I use DVD Fab express, I don’t run any other programs. I also have a dial up internet connection, which is not turned on when using DVD Fab Express. The blank DVDs I use are either Sony or Imation Forcefield DVD+R disks.

My problem is that when I put a DVD into one drive and try copying it to a blank DVD in my other drive, partially through reading the disk, it seems to freeze and instead of counting down the time remaining, it starts to count up. For example, if I had 10 minutes remaining till writing the DVD, it starts counting up to 15, 20 and 30 minutes. If let alone, I could let it run all day and it would continue to count up. When I click on the cancel button, I get a message the window popup that says “program not responding”. I then have to shut down and start over again. So far, since last night, this has happened on 4 out of 6 DVDs that I’ve been trying to copy.

Sometimes the program runs fine, but this seems to be happening quite a bit more to me lately. It’s very frustrating. Can anyone provide some guidance and help?

Apparently, Fab does not like the file structure of these dvds created by your standalone dvd recorder. Never mind, Fab is not the right product to copy unprotected disks without need to compress. Just use copy disk in your burn software application.

Thanks for the idea. I tried copying some DVDs using Sonic Copy Disk feature, but I’m running into the same problem. Some of the disk copies fine, then it starts “counting up” in time remaining, rather than counting down and seems to freeze during the copying. Yet when I play the original DVD, it plays fine and doesn’t seem to have any dirt, fingerprints, scratches, etc. on it.

Any other ideas as to how to copy these DVDs? Both Sonic and DVD Fab seem to freeze on attempts to copy.


Just copy the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders to your HD first in Windows to a new folder (simply drag and drop). If there is no protection and no physical error this should work fine in a few minutes. If there is no AUDIO_TS, make one. Feel free to test the results from a software player. You can burn the DVD as a data DVD as well so if the writing software for any reason felt that this is not a video DVD still it would burn it as a data DVD.

Does the light on the drive being used to copy flash rapidly? If so there may be physical flaws on the disc usually a small scratch or finger print. Either as well as other physical flaws cause the laser to be out of line leading to program becoming unresponsive. It dose not take much because discs that look perfect can give problems while one that looks like it would never work will not give problems. Also, stick on labels can cause problems.