DVD Fab Express Error message 16

I recently installed two new internal drives on another computer. When using DVD Fab express I have no problem reading and cacheing, but when it goes to Writing or burning I get the following message.

Failed when writing DVD: 16

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Note: Both drives reader and Burner are same brand (Liteon)


DVDFab Express is now a part of DVDFab Gold

For more information, please visit DVDFab Gold product page.

If you already registered DVDFab Express, please get your new key of DVDFab Gold for free at http://www.dvdfab.com/retrieveregkey.htm

Hello carlene

[B]Failed when writing DVD: 16[/B]
This is not much information to go on what is the rest of the error report :confused:
also what was you trying to do :confused:


That is an old code for an old program (DVDFab Express 2.#.#.# sold alone or came with Gold in Platinum 2.#.#.# that is no longer sold but users were allowed to upgrade to DVDFab Gold 3.#.#.# or if Platinum 2.#.#.# to DVDFab Platinum 3.#.#.#. Gold 2.#.#.# could also be purchased alone. We use to tell people to remember Express will compress, Gold will not but will split and do ISO. In the final versions that was the only difference because both would burn DL. DVDFab Gold 3.#.#.# combined all the features of both programs. Error 16 was what is now Error116.



If you changed your email address since purchasing, you will need to change your email address in the database on the server before retrieving a new key. This can be done automatically under Support or Contact found at the link posted by Blazkowicz. You may have to give the server a day or 2 to upgrade because most servers only update once a day.[/B]


Hey Mack
Thanks for that bit of info :smiley:
I was unaware of that error may be due to, I never got errors back then and was not a member to the forum :rolleyes: thanks again :bigsmile: