DVD FAB/dvd IdlePro VS ANYDVD/clonedvd2



Just trying to figure out which is the best deal,dvd fab express with dvd idle pro or anydvd and clone dvd2?
Thanks for the input :clap:


Considering that :bow: AnyDVD is among the selections to choose …
and CloneDVD2 being also a very well supported program …

You’re really only giving one choice here … anydvd and clone dvd2 :bigsmile:

I think you’ll be much happier ‘down the road’ with these !!! :wink:
( but then … You can use AnyDVD with ANY DVD software )

IMHO :cool:


I switched from dvdshrink with Nero to Anydvd with Clonedvd2. Good results down to 55%. Usually I put the files on the hard drive and burn later with Nero Express. I have burned right to disc with no difference either way.

I do use DVDFab Decrypter (free version of DvdFab Express) when I have an unreadable disc from scratches or a new protection Anydvd hasn’t been updated for. Although lately they have been quick to update.

That’s my 2 cents.


Thanks for the input,I guess both have strongpoints,both are around the same cost.
I was trying to figure out which updated quicker and was the most compatible with the newer protections out .