DVD Fab Dual layer mesage

I continue to get a message on dvd fab saying to insert a dual layer disc when I try to back something up. Since the dual layer discs are fairly pricey, is there a way to get around this and get it on a regular disc? Thanks.

Hi NitroxAZ
Which mode are you using ?
on the main page look at the bottom of the screen and make sure you have DVD5 selected…BUT if you are using the clone mode then a DVD9(D/L) is needed because there is no compression it makes a exact copy of the dvd you are making a backup of.

I will make sure to check that. Thanks. Also what are the clean uninstall links for in your signature?

Some times problems or issues arise the can’t really be explained due to corrupt files or other things, and when you uninstall any program/software not all files and/or folders are removed.

anyway some files that are left on your system may be the cause of the problem and when you reinstall the program/software you will still have the issue or problem, so I put together those guides to eliminate that
possibility with DVDFab.

they are very good guides and has came in handy for many DVDFab users, BTW we do have a DVDFab forum here at CD Freaks which one of the members of the MOD Squad may transfer this thread to sooner or later.

Have a nice day :flower: