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My name is John here’s the thing I’ve been reading this site since I started messin’ with this stuff last year,I owe most of my knowledge to what I could gleem from here!
So anyhoo I have that DVD Shrink on a Shortcut on our Desktop BUT We use DVDFab 4 most all of the time.We bought the Fab earlier this year and now I was notified that there is a new Update Avail (DVDFab 5. sumptin? in HD) So I opened it up and now I’ve tried Twice to Do a backup of this Dark Knight Film And like I’ve been reading elsewhere on these Fourms,First it Checks the Disc then That never stops checking the disc.Next I took it over to Dvd Shrink of course that is an older deal so as I expected that goes about 11% of Analysing DVD before Cycl Redundancy (Well pardon my spelling I’m just so pissed Not at these programs just been a Crappy day and these obstacles don’t help!:a ) Okay So another Posting a guy sez just disable the “Pathplayer” well I’m just wondering how I do that? and Secondly I was wondering, regarding This “Dark Knight” Set…I got the one that includes the Digital Copy So I did as instructed and entered my “Authorization Code” then picked DL for Portable or PC and in Windows Player (we use an HP with Vista) anyhoo the Movie opened in it’s own lil’ WB Viewer and on Windows but the windows had NO SOUND:doh: So the wife tried to open the film in the “DVDPlay” viewer and Nero Vision They said I’d need to contact Warner Bros. and get additional “Audio License”! Hunh? Whaa? OKAY SO FINALLY LASTLY If I get the Sound to work Would I ever be able Get this Digital Copy On to a disc to watch on my Free Standing Player ? I would love to get this one Burned for the Livingroom! I thank You for ANY INFO you could provide.

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Do you have the latest beta version of DVDFab? http://club.cdfreaks.com/f116/dvdfab-5-2-0-8-beta-out-258553/

Ok for starters your second paragraph is very confusing but I did manage to get through most of it. But also uninstall your older version of dvdfab hd and also dvdfab 4 or 5 as well and reinstall with the lastest version. Dvdfab plat would be a good choice as well it’s the full package version with more options then dvdfab hd has. It’s the paid version. Dvdshrink is too old of a software that isn’t updated to override the protection of newer dvds. Also make sure your original is working properly as well and get a good media to burn on that could be the problem with recycle redunicay as well…

I am attaching a screen shot where you can disable the pathplayers

I want to thank you
here it is: Sorry I’m so confusing but slowly here is what I ended up doing: I went to Link Provided above Updated my DVDfab to the 5. something I disabled the pathplayer as instructed AND I only did “Main Movie” now it SEEMS to be Working as we speak So how about the Digital Copy can I Burn that to Disc?
Thanks again

is your copy of this movie on bluray?

No beach. Just a regular ol’ DVD BUT check this out I had it fail on Fab (I think that’s it) Anyhoo, It tried to tell me there wasn’t enough Disc Memory BUT I hit "Ignore It finished Loading onto my HD. Then Since Fab had removed all the Protection,I went in to the DVD Shrink Program and let IT Burn this File to a Disc! I hope this explaination makes sense. I won’t know for sure til the burning is done (it’s doing the final now) Wow It Just Said “Program Complete” a lil Soundbyte I got from a Star Trek Ep lol Anyhoo, lets see if it Truly Has the Film on it though,Hang On… OMG IT WORKED!!! Thanks Again!


i used the new beta for this movie . but with all movies i use dvdfab on, i just rip them to a folder, open them in dvd shrink and do what I want to there, then i burn with imgburn.
Its kinda up to what you like to do with the movie, and what you are comfotable using, program wise that is.

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