DVD Fab Decrypter with Vista x64 problems


I have been using the free version of DVD Fab Decrypter on XP for a while now to backup my DVDs to the Hard Drive.

I’ve now upgraded to Vista X64 Ultimate. DVD Fab Decrypter installs and runs fine, no problems, but the actual dvd files backed up onto the hard drive have some issues with the video.

There seems to be random frames where video goes blocky. I’ve seen a similar thing with ripped dvds from very badly scratched discs.

I’ve got two DVD drives and the same thing happens with both. DVD Decrypter works fine and rips the dvds perfect with no random blockyness. :wink:

Anyone else having similar issues with DVD Fab and Vista x64? I could take some screen shots of the problem frames if it helps.

I’ve tried the newest version of DVD Fab Decrypter and a few versions before, all with the same issue. It’s really annoying since it seems to rip the dvds fine with no errors, and it’s been great with XP especially with dvds with the newer protection methods.