DVD Fab Decrypter not working

My DVD Fab 10 Trial period has run out. All I’m trying to do is run the free HD Decrypter (free). When I click on the HD Decrypter icon it goes directly to the DVD Fab 10 download which then tells me that my trial period is over. Why can’t I use the decrypter. Is there an alternative free ripper software? Thanks

If no one gives you an answer in here on how to use the free section of DVDFab. Start a thread in the Video Editing subforum and I’ll give you an alternative.

I don’t know the answer for DVDFab, but we have a lot of more experienced users than I with this program, if they show up.

DVDFab 10 can be evaluated 30 days for free with full functionality, which means if this is the first time you download and use DVDFab you will start from the trial version, not the DVDFab HD Decrypter free version. Once the 30-day trial expires, it will automatically turn to the free DVDFab HD Decrypter mode which only contains part of the functionality of DVD Copy and Blu-ray Copy:

DVD Copy - Full Disc (output to DVD9 only)
DVD Copy - Main Movie (output to DVD9 only)
Blu-ray Copy - Full Disc (output to BD50 only)
Blu-ray Copy - Main Movie (output to BD50 only)

Not a sufficient answer. I’ve seen other people complain that they could NOT access the free section once the free trial ends. This has been going on for years too.

Do you advise re-installing the program? This would not go into the trial.

No need to re-installing the program, users can use the two copy mode that is Full Disc and Main Movie.
@swampwizard60 If you still failed to use the free part of DVDFab, please offer more details. :slight_smile: