DVD Fab Decrypter & DVD Shrink

Help someone please!.. I just got FAB decrypter and I’m trying to use it in place of DVD decrypter, can you do DVD Fab Decrypter then Shrink it?

Also some recent movies i have backed up go through the DVD decrypter then DVD Shrink all successfully. however durring playback the audio and video will pixelate and break up and seem choppy, what am I Doing wrong? Any suggestions would be appreciative.

Welcome to CDF. Yes you can use DVD Shrink after FAB. Just open the Video_TS folder that FAB made with Shrink instead of the disc. Now you can Re Author or Full Disc the same as if you were encoding from the DVD only Shrink will do the job faster now because the files are already encryption free.
Pixelation is usually the result of poor media, but can be numerous other problems.

clone dvd2 shrinks it for u when u rip the movie. and it works