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I picked up a copy of the DVD: “The Night of the Iguana” and did a backup and everything went well except for one of the Titles where the audio was non existent when I played it using Power DVD. Also, when I tried CloneDVD2, it showed the Title as haning “NO AUDIO”. Its 100% in DVD Fab Decrypter

Numerically the last title (hint), its one of the Extras TITLE 11 (9 min, 53 sec) and the audio was not transferred using DVD Fab Decrypter

NOTE: DVD DECRYPTER was able to transfer it ok.

I tried three times with DVD Fab to no avail.


I identified the file that contains the problem. Its VTS_02_0.IFO file which DVD Fab Decrypter has done something that negates the audio for TITLE 11 in the DVD “The Night of the Iguana”. There is no doubt about this. I slowly tried substituting files from DVD Decrypter until the audio worked. How and why DVD Fab Decrypter is causing this problem I do not know but its real.

The Night of the Iguana NTSC R1


Hi, I am having the same problem with other DVDs. Did you ever find out a solution to this problem?


Have you tried the latest version The Night of the Iguana run time is 118 minutes, has 2 audio tracks ( English & French) subtitles in English, French, and Spanish. It is on a DL disc and looks like WS is the only video format. Seems like over kill putting 118 minutes on a DL, so they have put a lot of crap on the DVD. I usually just do main movie and 1 audio track. I did burn “War of the Worlds” sometime back and there was no sound on one of my 4 players.



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Please try DVDFab Decrypter to see the result.


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