DVD Fab Copying Software

After using DVD Shrink 3.21 for a long time now, I finally found some DVDs that I couldn’t copy. I also concluded that some commercial programs could give me more options than DVD Shrink, so I began searching for reviews and found what seemed to me to be ingenious “review” sites that, while praising other products, deftly angles you into buying a program it recommends. So after downloading a number of them, I decided, finally, on DVD Fab, with the video converter option.

The program works fine, has a great series of menus, but isn’t as fast as using DVD Shrink and then Nero to burn. Still, it makes DVD clones and has plenty of other great features that make it a good choice. I was disappointed to find it doesn’t support Blu-Ray, plus, one of the other “review” sites expressed some disappointment over some distortion found in compressed copies. The DVD Fab version being reviewed, however, was an older one.

It also was my understanding that DVD Fab Video Converter converts YouTube files, but I have no idea how to do that and I don’t see anything in the menus to suggest that it can.

If someone who knows DVD Fab can give me a bit of assistance, I’d appreciate it. I began with the non-CSS version (and why they would offer a non-CSS version I don’t know, as an error message informed me that my DVD Fab could not operate while DVD 43 was installed).

One more thing. I know now’s not the right time to ask, but was DVD Fab a good decision or would I have been better off with DVD Clone?

Thanks for any help!