DVD Fab converted avi's wont play on DivX Player!


I have a kazuki divx player that so far has played every avi I have burned.

I decided to give DvD to avi a go myself, I own a legal copy of Orange County so using DvD Fab I converted it to a 700mb avi, I first of all tired ACM audio, burned the avi and it would NOT play on my player.

I messed around with the settings and tried different audio options and matched the setting to an avi that does work, burned again and it will still NOT play it just resets the DvD player.

DvD Fab doesn’t seem to give me the option to choose which codec to use, but the avis play fine on my computer and when I click properties it says they are divX

so where am I going wrong???

not sure whats going on here. i dont have a divx player.

maybe this could be moved to the DVDFab / DVD Region+CSS Free forum and someone there with more experience could help out.