DVD Fab closes down

DVD Fab HD (free version) closes down right after it analysis of the movie.
The bar goes across - then - shuts down the program.
I have tried it on two different computers. Version 6022 and 6030 Beta …
Both close down at same point.
Movie: The Edge Of Love
Anyone else having this problem ?

The first remedy is to change the Pathplayer setting.
Turn off if it is on.
Turn on if it is off.
Then try.
There have been some problems with Vista posted lately.
I don’t think this has been all resolved.Some people have problems & others do not.

Cholla is correct on the PathPlayer settings, which you may find “Disable” to be the setting you want :smiley:

Just closed pathplayer …
6022 works now … and so does 6030 Beta …

Thanks !!!

This was driving me crazy this morning … and … that doesn’t take much … thanks for all the help

I hear there are problems with Windows 7 also …

Thanks again !

One other question on the subject of PathPlayer …

Do you guys keep it disabled all the time, or, enable it unless you have to disable it ?

I hope that was a clear question …

Thanks again

I should be more accurate just trying to keep it simple.
Actually there are three settings.
Disable PathPlayer

Enable PathPlayer when necessary

Always enable PathPlayer
I usually keep mine disabled.I can’t say if that’s the best.
If I understand the basics PathPlayer enabled tries to remove even more copy protection it finds.This is usually more than is necessary to make a good copy of a movie.

I keep mine at Always Enabled

There are very few movies , that I have had to turn it off with.

I personally keep PathPlayer “Always Enabled” which works 98% of the time and when I run across a problematic DVD then I will disable it just for those problematic DVD which seems to be the older DVD titles :cool:

Tis only my .02 cent pitch-in :bigsmile:

Dear all,

Please try DVDFab 6035 beta to see the result:


You can let PathPlayer enabled now.


Best Regards,