Dvd fab clone



i am new to this, so please help me. I am having trouble with dvd fab and cloning playstaion 2 games. when i put a cloned game in playstion, it ask me for a formatted disc. what am i doing wrong. just started with dvd fab


I thought DVD Fab was for making backups of movies; not your Playstation games :confused:.

Anyway I’ve transferred this query to the DVD Fab forum.


i thought so to, but i emailed dvd fab support about it and they are the ones that told me to clone the game. i also e-mailed that about the trouble that i had with making the clone. they suggested that i try other brands of dvd and slow time the write rate.


Hi awendy1973 and welcome to cdfreaks,

First off, I don’t know beans about ps2’s, but I know of members who play bkups in 'em successfully.

I think…don’t hold me to this…that you either need a mod chip or a slide card to prevent the ps2 from ejecting and re-setting the player.

I’d just

  1. google “how to”
  2. Search the Fab forum on ps2
  3. Take a look at this YouTube "tutorial: