Dvd fab and Imgburn



Hi all

When using imgburn with fab, what setting in both software, should i consider changing from the default setting’s, to increase the quality of my burn.

Speed is not important, to me producing the best ISO file i can is.



Hi Ice,

Don’t change any settings when simply using alternative burn engines, ie., VSO and Img.
(assuming your current settings are giving you good results).
The settings, in particular, your selected burn speed are a function of the write strategy, based on your burner, firmware and MID


Ice why the double post:confused:


Hey mainman, hello.

No what it is, i brought some of those discs now, and i just want to ensure i have the best settings activated, before i start backing up.

So if the method here is if its not broken do not fix it , i will keep the default setting’s activated.

with the write speed, i will keep it low given the 2.4x speed of the disc and to produce good quality.

Many thanks


Hello stormjumper,

What i am asking is two different questions, its just that the titles are practically the same, i suppose i could of asked both questions in the same thread, or been more detailed to the title, that’s all realy mate.

I should of asked in that thread whats it called now, oh yeah the DVD FAB Poducts discussion tread thread haha :bigsmile: