Dvd fab and img burn?

is it possible to have dvd fab platinum burn with image burn?

Yes. Just save the output of DvdFab in .iso format and then use ImgBurn to burn the .iso.

How do you set output to iso format in Fab plat.? I normally set target to HDD and then use IMGBurn to build iso…

Why don’t you just use the VSO burning engine in Fab Plat ? Instead of using 2 different programs

If you’re asking me…IMO IMGBurn has the best burning engine…
though I use Fabs VSO for easy 1 click backups…IMGBurn is what I prefer for now is all, I do DL backups in ISO format ,works for me…
It’s all good, whatever works right?

Hi T0nee. Just click on the little disc-looking icon in the target area. It will bring up a box for you to set the path and name. DVDFab produces an ISO+.ini file. You can then burn it with Write Data if you want. Works great.:slight_smile:

Thanks signals I’ll try it…

And let us know the result please.

Hey all, haven’t had to much time to backup lately,but just did my first Fab DL iso backup last night, dare I say “Dreamgirls” (the wifes of course) ,and I’m very impressed with the results… :slight_smile:

Yeah, I used to do all my DLs with other software and burn with Img and I have to admit, they were pretty much flawless. Since the release of Fab 3 and all the work Fengtao and Portmac did with DLs, it’s been the only software I’ve needed or wanted…flawless.
It’s been sweeet!.. :cool:

[QUOTE=raymondtrudeau;1776299]is it possible to have dvd fab platinum burn with image burn?[/QUOTE]

yes :slight_smile:

i know this is an old thread. :bigsmile: