Dvd fab

hi! i am new guy at forum!i have problem with the dvd fab try many times to copy dvd movies but always the same problem takes me out a message error 400!!:sad:.somebody can help me?

Hi Thomas and Welcome to MyCE, try and update to the latest version.


Try the update that Alan mentioned and tell us the burn speed and brand of media you are using would help and BTW welcome to the forum again

thank you for help!i i did the update which told me but nothing, the same problem again error 400!!:awhich is the problem with this program?with the previous versions i didn’t have any problems.the faction of the program is:: auto,16x,dvd to dvd,direct show,dvd5 4472,vso,protections all check,path player always open.the factions of my computer is:: pentioum 4, 2,66G, 512MB RAM, 256MB GFORCE NVIDIA,WINDOWS XP HOME 32BIT SERVICE PACK 3. do you have any idea what can i do?
Anyway thank you for help me!
what is cd freaks?team of the forum?i search for team cd freaks but nothing.